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You rely on your knees to carry you throughout the day and rest enough to allow you to sleep at night. When you experience knee pain, it can interfere with your ability to work and enjoy everyday life and even prevent restful sleep at night. Drs. Sinha and Spencer at STAR Ortho specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of even the most perplexing knee pain and are determined to improve the quality of life of every single patient they treat. To learn more, call STAR Ortho in Rancho Mirage or La Quinta, California today to schedule your consultation appointment.

Knee Pain Q & A

What conditions cause knee pain?

Arthritis most commonly causes knee pain, but injuries to the meniscus, ligaments, or ACL can also cause it. You might already have an idea of the cause of your pain.

You either recall a trauma followed by acute pain or you’ve been experiencing aches and pains and limited mobility for years and suspect arthritis. Whatever the cause, a doctor who specializes in orthopedic medicine is the right provider to see.

What risk factors contribute to knee pain?

If you participate in extreme sports or sports that require quick, sudden stopping and turning, are over age 50, have a family history of arthritis, or are overweight/have a history of obesity, you may be at increased risk of one or more conditions that cause knee pain. You can reduce your risk by quitting smoking, losing weight, and exercising regularly.

How is knee pain diagnosed?

Knee pain is diagnosed using information gathered through several means including your medical history and description of your pain, a physical examination, x-rays or MRIs, blood tests, and arthrocentesis (removal and testing of joint fluid).

Very few patients will need all of these diagnostic tests. Providers can sometimes identify the culprit based on your description of your symptoms and their medical examination alone, and then X-rays and blood work may not be required. These tests are only required when more information is needed.

What treatments are available for knee pain at STAR Ortho?

Knee pain can be treated using medications, physical therapy, custom orthotics, injections, lifestyle changes, home remedies, or surgery. STAR Ortho provides state-of-the-art, FDA-approved surgical and nonsurgical treatment options for your convenience.

What if I’ve seen other providers who are unable to treat my knee pain?

Drs. Sinha and Spencer at STAR Ortho specialize in complex cases that other providers have been unable to treat successfully. Consider consulting with STAR Ortho to get a second opinion and take steps toward a full recovery when possible.

When is surgery recommended?

Because there are risks inherent to surgery, Dr. Sinha and Dr. Spencer only recommend surgery when less-invasive methods can't treat your knee pain effectively. That ensures you get the best treatment possible with the least amount of risk.