Meniscal Tears Tip

Meniscal tears, or torn knee cartilages, can occur in anyone, at any age.
The menisci are two wedge-shaped pieces of cartilage that help to cushion the joint and keep it stable, especially in unusual positions, such as those encountered in sports.
In sports, tears typically occur when players squat and twist the knee with excessive force, or from Direct contact, like a tackle.
Older people are more likely to have degenerative meniscal tears. Cartilage weakens and becomes less resilient over time, and even from something as simple as stumbling while walking can tear it.
Conservative treatment includes rest, anti-inflammatory medicines and cortisone injections. Most tears do not heal, but many degenerative tears do not require surgery. Most traumatic tears do need surgery, either a repair or a partial removal, and most can be treated via a minimally invasive technique known as arthroscopy.
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