Mallet Finger or Baseball Finger

A mallet finger, or baseball finger, is caused when the tendon on top of the finger is damaged by a ball or other object striking the tip of the finger head on. Once it occurs, you cannot straighten the finger on your own.

In most cases, an X-ray is needed to look for an associated fracture or dislocation.

Fortunately, the majority of mallet finger injuries can be treated without surgery. Medical attention should be sought within a week after injury.

A splint is used to hold the fingertip straight, and it must be worn full time for eight weeks. Although the finger usually regains an acceptable function and appearance with this treatment plan, many patients may not regain full fingertip extension.

Surgical repair may be considered when mallet finger injuries also show signs of large fracture fragments or joint malalignment. Surgery may also be considered if nonsurgical treatment fails.

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