The End of America

I am a second generation American from India. Technically, I’m a first generation immigrant, since I was born in India, but for all intents and purposes, I am second generation since I have lived in the States since I was 1. Moreover, I view myself as an American, with no particular loyalty to my parents’ native land.

Therefore, it causes me great angst to think that India (as well as the other BRIC nations) is on the verge of out-America-ing America. Once upon a time, America were was reviled in most quarters of the world. We mistook that revulsion for admiration, primarily because of one of our most hated traits—eternal optimism. We further tried to sow the seeds of our way of life in far corners of the world, again mistaking our principles of freedom and fairness as things the world wanted. Politically, some of the worlds’ hatred arose from American governmental policies that placed American political interests ahead of the local peoples—that is true. However, I believe non-political reasons are more at issue in the minds of the man on the street.

People in other parts of the world don’t want principles and guidelines; they want economic stability, and the subsequent freedom that results from not having to worry where your next meal will come from. To our credit, we have, to a certain degree provided that, by stopping the manufacture of goods here at home that other people want. Instead, we have let other countries do the work for us, while we reveled in our “service” economy. It gave other nations the confidence and footing to make the next steps: education, infrastructure, research.

Once, the world was desirous of what we had, and angry that we didn’t acknowledge our good fortune. They hated that we didn’t have thousands of years of social history that artificially placed roadblocks in our paths. Despite hating all this about us, they still wanted the opportunity to come here to give their children a better opportunity. I see it and hear it from immigrants everywhere—in that they have come to the US for their children sakes’ but really resist melting in to American culture.

I fear that much of that is changing. Now, in the BRIC nations, college graduates can find jobs that are just as good, if not better, than those here. Why leave home for a better opportunity when the better opportunity now exists at home? This has started a slow cycle of decline. Just look to the British Empire as an example. In fact, our GDP per capita is already just below Greece.

The best way to solve a problem is to acknowledge that one exists. We don’t need politicians who feed our collective ego, telling us how great we are, when in fact that is not true. We need politicians who recognize how great America was, and why it was. We need politicians who can work on solving problems while not stifling growth and productivity. Most importantly, we the people, need to elect those individuals, instead of the rubes in Congress today.
Otherwise, America as a concept will be over.

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