5 Tips to Avoid Weekend Warrior Injuries

If you’re a weekend warrior, participating in strenuous physical activities on weekends and in your leisure time, you may be at an increased risk for injuries such as muscle and ligament strains, sprains, and tears. Not only can these injuries be painful, they can potentially sideline you from your activities.

The most common weekend warrior injuries include:

At STAR Ortho, Dr. Sinha and Dr. Spencer specialize in treating these types of injuries; they also provide guidance to help you avoid such injuries and long-term damage to your health. Consider the following tips:

Be on the move throughout the week

If you plan on participating in strenuous activities over the weekend, like a game of basketball or a 5K for charity, it’s vital that you work your muscles starting early in the week to prevent strains and other injuries. This is especially true if you tend to sit a lot during your commute, at your desk, or at home.

Do your stretches

Tightness in your muscles can influence how you move on the field or track. It’s important to regularly stretch your hamstrings, calf muscles, and hip joints to prevent overexertion in these injury-prone areas and avoid chronic lower back pain.

By sufficiently stretching your muscles, you can also improve your functionality during your activities, reacting and moving around faster and more efficiently.

Take the time to warm up

In addition to stretching, you should also dedicate some warm-up time before more strenuous physical activities. Warm-up exercises might include:

These active warm-up exercises will better prepare your muscles for work by increasing blood circulation and muscle response.

Stay hydrated

Hydration isn’t only necessary on the day of your activities; getting enough water in the days leading up to the big game or race is just as vital to preventing injuries and ensuring good physical health.

If you’re dehydrated going into the game, your muscles are already at a disadvantage. You may exhibit a poorer performance, have a slower reaction time, and suffer decreased agility during play.

In addition to muscle injuries, dehydration also puts you at risk for other health complications such as heat stroke and kidney failure.

Wear the right shoes

Any physically active sport or activity requires the proper footwear to prevent injury. Shoes should offer support and comfort while addressing your specific athletic needs. Soccer cleats, running shoes, and other activity-specific shoes have been designed with safety considerations in mind.

In addition to having the right type of shoe, you also need to make sure the shoes you wear are the right size. Footwear that’s too small or too big may lead to injuries and can cause long-term damage to your feet and ankles.

Your shoes also need to be in good condition. Wear and tear or damage can compromise the shoe’s integrity and support capability. You should make a point of replacing your shoes when they show signs of wearing out.

By paying attention to what your body needs to stay injury-free, you can enjoy more time doing

what you love and less time recovering from strains, sprains, and surgeries.

If pain is already limiting your activity level, schedule a consultation with the experienced physicians at STAR Ortho by phone or online today.

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