3D Personalization Process for iTotal TKR

3D Personalization Process for the iTotal Total Knee Replacement

Step 1. Scheduling a CT scan. Developing you personalized implant begins with images of your knee. Your doctor will give you a prescription to have a diagnostic scan at a nearby imaging center.

Step 2. Getting your knee scanned. The imaging center will take a CT scan of your leg and send a diagnostic report to your surgeon for evaluation.

Step 3. Recreating your knee. Using your CT scan, a computer generated 3-D virtual model of you knee is developed and will be used to individualize your implant for a personalized fit and correct alignment.

Step 4. Personalizing the implant. Using a proprietary process, your implants are designed and manufactured for delivery in 6 weeks.

Step 5. Preparing for surgery. Your implant will be delivered to your surgeon for the day of surgery. Speak to your surgeon about scheduling your surgery and what to expect.

Step 6. Getting back on your feet. While every person’s experience is different, many people return to their daily activities within 6 weeks. More physical activities such as sports may take up to 3 months. Consult your doctor or physical therapist about your individual goals and limitations.

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