Orthopedic Injury Recovery Center
When your successful surgery is completed, you will receive a detailed recovery plan. It will promote not only physical healing but will also provide emotional and psychological renewal techniques. The plan will contain written instructions on restrictions and recommendations for your post-operative home recovery.

These restrictions and recommendations may impact the following areas of your life:

  • Medication: Either prescribed or over the counter drugs may be required during your recovery period.
  • Work: Either time-off from work or a change in your work duties may be recommended.
  • Driving: If the surgery has impacted your driving ability, you may be asked to cease driving for a period of time.
  • Social: For the initial recovery period, you may be asked to avoid anyone ill with a cold or flu. You might be advised to forego being at large gatherings. This could happen, particularly if your procedure has a strong potential for infection.
  • Dietary: Alcohol and other foods or beverages may be prohibited for a period of time. Especially if you have undergone a gastrointestinal procedure and/or pain medication has been prescribed.
  • Ambulatory: If you cannot lift heavy objects or have to refrain from other potentially arduous activities, that will be noted.

In addition, recommendations may be offered regarding exercise, incision care, home care needs, adaptive equipment and post operative medical visits.

The objective is to provide you with a powerful but realistic healing recovery program.

Recovery Instructions

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